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As technology progresses, so will multimedia. Today, there are plenty of new
media technologies being used to create the complete multimedia experience. For
instance, virtual reality integrates the sense of touch with video and audio media to
immerse an individual into a virtual world. Other media technologies being developed
include the sense of smell that can be transmitted via the Internet from one individual to
another. Today’s video games include bio feedback. In this instance, a shock or vibration
is given to the game player when he or she crashes or gets killed in the game. In addition
as computers increase their power new ways of integrating media will make the
multimedia experience extremely intricate and exciting.
Multimedia is simply multiple forms of media integrated together. Media can be
text, graphics, audio, animation, video, data, etc. An example of multimedia is a web page
on the topic of Mozart that has text regarding the composer along with an audio file of
some of his music and can even include a video of his music being played in a hall.
Besides multiple types of media being integrated with one another, multimedia
can also stand for interactive types of media such as interactive map. Other terms that
are sometimes used for multimedia include hypermedia and rich media.
In this case, Banten is a new province so it has to get some advantage from
multimedia based information system. with multimedia information will be more easy to
catch because it can interact with the user.
Keywords : Multimedia ,Information, Interactive, Map, 3D. ÔĽŅ

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