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        The development of information technology on the device side hardware and software that is growing day showed rapid growth, supported with communication technologies that are also experiencing significant increase is the right alternative for a person or an agency to do business in online gaming business.

        The development of computer technology has grown rapidly, this is seen in the era of 80-year computer network remains a puzzle that would like to answer academic circles, and in 1988 a computer network into use in universities, businesses company, now entering the era of the millennium was primarily the world wide internet has become an everyday reality millions of human beings on this earth. Furthermore, the device hardware and network software has really change, in the beginning of its development almost the entire network constructed from coaxial cable, now many have been of them built of fiber optics (fiber optics) or communication even without wires (wireless). At the level business entity engaged in online game requires a network system and system devices loud is good, for in its activities can run effectively and efficiently.

        Judging from the reasons and the factors above, in the process of making this thesis, the author will discuss and describes the system hardware now used in the game center Enternet.

Keywords: Hardware, Network, Online Game


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