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In world trade, the accuracy of the information is needed, especially information about the selling price, cost of goods sold and the remaining inventory in the system of sales administration for the accuracy of this information affect the company's customer relations and sales administrsi system on the company itself. Accuracy of information for consumers aims to meet consumer needs will be specific information for example, while product prices for the company itself aims to find out whether sales administration system running well.

 The lack of accuracy of information generated from the sales administration system may lead to consumer disappointment and caused the company not to take a with accurate and quick decisions such as decisions to receive customer orders.In this era of globalization and today's technology, computer use is as an information technology tool that is needed to exist and almost every aspect of life.

PRIMADONA Apotec located in Palembang This requires an application system, in order to perform data collection on drug sales to customers or consumers. Where frequent errors toward the cashier who served in the log record in the sale of drugs, for example: one giving the price. Based on the data that will be in the process of becoming an information system that can support the smooth processing of sales data. The software is built using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for database and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as its tool.

Keywords : Computerized System, Apotec.

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