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Information systems are essential in a company or agency in providing useful information for operational needs and public services. Due to the existence of information systems will facilitate the work or service within that agency. So is the presentation of population data in sub Candibinangun.
            Presentation of demographic data is to be considered in relation to public service will simplify the data. Village Candibinangun for this still uses a manual for population data recording and storage is still in the form of archives that can not be guaranteed data security. In order to facilitate the services needed an information system. The process of converting the old system which still manual to computerized systems that already are too has several stages, ranging from research to pilot the program. Related to this, there are some interesting questions: How do I make changes to the old system which still manual to the new system has been computerized? How to complete the demographic information system by using one programming language is Visual Basic 6.0?
            In this paper, the researchers tried to analyze these subjects and the results are intended to provide advice to the municipality candibinangun in the processing and presentation of population data in the form of information systems. In addition to demographic data storage more secure, since it is associated with data Candibinangun villagers who must be guaranteed safety. 


Keywords : information system, computerize, programming


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