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Tuition payment information system in SMA Negeri 2 Bangkalan already done computerized, but the system is not working optimally. The resulting report was limited to the payment every month, this makes the pile of work and lack of efficiency in providing the information to be conveyed even in the payment of arrears is still less effective resulting in payment arrears exceed the time limit has been set. In addition, applications that are used are too complicated and lack of security on the database and the application itself, because no application can be packaged into units that can be installed. Data storage in large capacity and data security is very important to be processed as an accurate, timely, and relevant. From the user interface also needs to be made more attractive so it does not look too complicated.

In developing this system will produce various reports such as consolidated payment per day, per-month payment reports, reports per-year payment, payment-per-person reports, reports of payment per-class or department, reports of payment arrears. With the increasing number of reports or generated in the system development is expected to allow users or staff tuition payments for the delivery of information to the treasurer of the school, student, homeroom teacher and principal.

Keywords: Development, Report, Accurate, Timely, Relevant.


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