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Futsal Field Rent Information System was an information system that used for servicing the activity of renting a futsal field. Which includes registering the customers, registering the bookings and using the futsal field and also the selling of the items from the cafeteria at Genic Futsal Jl. Raya Tajem No. 412, Maguwoharjo, phone 0274-4462460. Which still used convensional business management.

Therefore it needed to be built a futsal field rent information system application which could manage the registering of the customers, the bookings, the using of futsal field and the transactions easier. Which in the end it could produce income reports which more detail and accurate.

The making of this application was done by analizing the problem which occured with PIECES analyzing methods, determining the specification  of the system yet to be build, designing the system with process modelling and data modelling methods and then building the system and its database. The making of this application was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as the programming language and PHP for the making of the database. Database which used was MySQL.


Keywords: Futsal field rent information system, PIECES, process modeling, data modeling, VB, PHP.




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