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          Scholarship is income for the receiving and the purpose of scholarship is to help
alleviate the cost burden pendidikkan students or students who get. Pembagaian
scholarship conducted by some agencies to help someone less capable or accomplished
during the travel study. STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta is one of the colleges that give
scholarships to students every semester. This is certainly in order to ease the burden of
student tuition fees.
          In accordance with regulations prescribed by the STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta to
obtain a scholarship, then the required criteria  -  the criteria for determining who will be
selected to receive scholarships. Based on this determination to assist in determining a
student get a scholarship, it takes a decision support system with methods you can use
the Fuzzy MADM (Multiple Attribute Decission Making).
          Fuzzy MADM method is a method that can find a best alternative from several
alternatives based on criteria  - criteria that have been determined. The point is that the
method determines the weight on each criterion. This method uses SAW (Simple additive
weighting) to perform the calculation method FMADM. The best alternative in question is
eligible to receive scholarships based on established criteria. Research done by finding
the value of weight for each criterion, and then made the process of ranking that will
determine the optimal alternative is the best student will be considered by decision
makers to gain a scholarship. 
Keywords: FMADM,SAW,SPK. 

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